The follow links provide volunteers, friends and families information about a specific area in the Forrest Deaner Native Plant Botanic Garden. Each Chapter provides insights into the various demonstration gardens and plant communities and the plants and wildlife connected to them; providing fun for the entire family.

Garden Location Topic/Lesson Featured Plant Featured Weed
Sensory/Residential Plant Naming (Family/Scientific/Common) California Mugwort ———
Memorial Garden History of the Forrest Deaner Garden and Historic uses of Native Plants Coyote Mint Mustards
Riparian Plant Community The Eco-System Definition of a Riparian Area and approaches to web plant info searching Dutchman’s Pipe Mallow
Meadow Plant Community Types of Meadows on Earth and Definition of Herbs, Annuals, and Perennials California Butter Cup Yellow Starthistle
Butterfly/Hummingbird & Native American Garden Native American uses of Native Plants, Plants that Attract Hummingbirds & Butterflies, and the definition of a Dicot Blue Elderberry Harding Grass
Valley Grasslands History of California Grasslands and the benefits of Native Grasses Purple Needle Grass Italian Rye Grass
Coast Sage Scrub The Scientific Method for Investigating State Native Plant distributions Hummingbird Sage Pepperweed
Coastal Prairie Diffference between sedges and grasses and the phylogeny of the grass family Fringed Checkerbloom Bermudagrass
Chaparral Drought Tolerant Plant Strategies & Native Plant Propagation Coastal Aster Morning Glory