Coastal Sage Scrub Community Area

(Plant Key:  A=Annual, GC=Ground Cover, P=Perennial, S=Shrub, T=Tree, V=Vine)

Plant Key Scientific Name Common Name Family Notes
P Castilleja foliolosa Woolly Indian Paintbrush Liliaceae Orange flower
P Lepechinia calycinia Pitcher Sage Lamiaceae White flower
P Salvia spathacea Hummingbird Sage Lamiaceae Red pink flower
P Solidago californica California Goldenrod Asteraceae Yellow flowers
S Artemisia douglasiana Mugwort Asteraceae Yellow gold flowers
S Ceanothus cuneatus Buckbrush Rhamnaceae White flowers
S Eriodictyon californicum YerbaSanta Hydrophyllaceae White flowers
S Lupinus albifrons Silver Lupine Fabaceae Blue flowers
S Mimulus aurantiacus Sticky Monkeyflower Scrophulariaceae Orange flowers
S Rhamnus californica Coffeeberry Rhamnaceae Yellow flower with red and purple berries
S Rhamnus crocea Redberry Rhamnaceae Red berries
S Ribes malvaceum ChaparralCurrant Grossulariaceae Pink flowers
S Solanum umbelliferum Blue Witch Solanaceae Blue with yellow flowers
T Acer negundo Box Elder Aceraceae Note
T Arbutus menziesii Pacific Madrone Ericaceae Note
T Quercus agrifolia Coast Live Oak Fagaceae Evergreen with 1-3″ tough hard leaves and spiny margins
T Quercus douglasii Blue Oak Fagaceae Deciduous with 1-3″ wavy margin leaves, shallowly and irregularly lobed
T Quercus lobata Valley Oak Fagaceae Deciduous with 2-4″ leaves with blunt deep lobes
V Clematis lasiantha Chaparral Clematis Rununculaceae White with yellow flower